Friday, December 4, 2009

A Holiday Dress

It sure has been a while since I've slipped into a fancy dress for the holidays...or at all for that matter. There's something about a beautiful dress that gives me a confidence that I cannot find on a daily basis. In fact, I love them so much that I actually ADORE dress shopping. These days, I buy most of my casual clothes online. I have an idea of my size, and I just go with it. But a dress, ahhh, modeling a cocktail dress or a formal gown in a fancy dressing room with salesperson in waiting is definitely an experience to be enjoyed.

Since I don't really have an occasion to wear such a garment this winter, I'll just do some online browsing and tell you what I'd LIKE to be wearing this season.

The not-so-classic black dress:

This one is perfect for my beautiful sister-in-law:

I love the color and the detail on this one:

Ahhh, and finally, these last two are from one of my favorite designers who manages to fit my body so well, Kay Unger:

Phew, our lack of occasion just saved us A LOT of money! This whole "fantasy" web shopping thing could be the way to go!

While these dresses are from Neiman Marcus, I have learned that Target has actually featured a new collection of holiday dresses that are very affordable. In fact, I saw two of them in person last Saturday, and they were actually quite lovely as well.

Enjoy your holiday parties, especially if they involve a great dress!

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